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Nepali Baby Boys Names

Name Meaning Religion
Baadal Cloud Hindu
Baahubali Fighter, Stronger, Strength Hindu
Baba Sweet Baby, Born on Thursday Hindu
Babak Name of the Father of Ardeshir Hindu
Babala Above Hindu
Baban TBD Hindu
Babar Lion, King of Jungle, Bold Hindu
Babat Lucky Fortunate Hindu
Babik Revolution Hindu
Babin None Hindu
Bablu None Hindu
Babu A pet name Hindu
Babul Father Hindu
Baburam None Hindu
Bachan None Hindu
Bachu Small Child The Great Person Hindu
Badal None Hindu
Badar Full Moon Fresh Green Hindu
Badari A place sacredtoVishnu Hindu
Badri Lord Vishnu Hindu
Badrinath Lord of Mt.Badri Hindu
Badriprasad Gif of Badri Hindu
Badsa A King Hindu
Bahaj Jubilation, Happiness, Joy Hindu
Bahar Spring Hindu
Bahar Spring Season, Prime of Life Hindu
Bahir Luminous, Sparkling, Dazzling Hindu
Bahubali A Jain tirthakar Hindu
Bahul TBD Hindu
Bahumulya Priceless Hindu
Baiju Name of Lord Shiva, Peaceful Hindu
Baijunath Name of Lord Shiva Hindu
Baikuntha Heaven Hindu
Baj Hawk Sharp Hindu
Bajinath LordShiva Hindu
Bajra Thunderbolt Hindu
Bajrang A name of LordHanuman Hindu
Bajrangbali With strength ofdiamond, Lord Hanuman Hindu
Bal Krishna Childhood of Lord Krishna Hindu
Balachandran Mooncrested Lord Hindu
Balaji Another name of the Hindu Lord venkatachalapathy Tirupathi, A name of LordVishnu Hindu
Balam Husband Lover Hindu
Balambu Sonof Sambhu, LordShiva Hindu
Balanath Lord of strength Hindu
Balar Strength, Power Hindu
Balaraj Strong,King Hindu
Balaram Lord krishnas brother The brother of Lord Krishna Hindu
Balashankar Young Lord Shiva Hindu
Balbir Bal" means strength. "Bir" means the great Hindu
BalChandra Young Moon,Moon crested Hindu
Baldev God like in power Hindu
Balendra Lord Krishna Hindu
BalGopal Baby Krishna, Infant Krishna Hindu
Bali Brave,Powerful, Strength Hindu
BalKrishan Young Krishna Hindu
Balkrishna Young krishna Hindu
Balkumar Youthful Hindu
Balmani Young jewel Hindu
Balrah TBD Hindu
Balraj Strong Hindu
Balram None Hindu
Balu Cheater Hindu
Balvant Of immense strength, Lord Hanuman, Full of might Hindu
Balveer Strong soldier,Powerful and brave Hindu
Balwant Of immense strength, Lord Hanuman, Full of might Hindu
Banaj Lotus Hindu
Bandan Its a bond Hindu
Bandev God ofnature Hindu
Bandhu None Hindu
Bandhul Pleasing,Charming Hindu
Bandhula Pleasing,Charming Hindu
Bandika None Hindu
Bandin Praiser Hindu
Bandish Binding, Attach together Hindu
Bani Children, Speech, An Orator Hindu
Bankim Curved, LordKrishna Hindu
Banshi Flute Hindu
Banshidhar LordKrishna Hindu
Bansi Flute Hindu
Banti TBD Hindu
Banu The Sun Sun Rise Hindu
Banuprakash Sunrise Light of the Sun Hindu
Banwari Lord Krishna Hindu
Bappa Father Hindu
Bapu General nickname Hindu
Baran NobleMan Hindu
Barpa None Hindu
Barsaat Welcome rain Hindu
Barsat Welcome rain Hindu
Barshan TBD Hindu
Barun Lord of the Sea Hindu
Basant Spring Hindu
Basanta None Hindu
Basav Lord of bulls Hindu
Bashudha Earth Hindu
Basil King,Basilthe herb Hindu
Basistha Asage Hindu
Baskar Basically veryknowledgeand skill this personand then trust of God, Friendly with all for whom mingled with himself Hindu
Baskaran TheSun Hindu
Basu Prosperous, Dweller Hindu
Basudeb Fire Hindu
Basudev Fire Hindu
Basudha Earth Hindu
Batsal Affectionate; loving Hindu
Bavin TBD Hindu
Baviyan TBD Hindu
Baxi Saint Hindu
Baz Royal, Kingly, Eagle, King Hindu
Bebyhang None Hindu
Bedan None Hindu
Beemaraj Ancient King Hindu
Beenu Venus,Flute, Created with immense power Hindu
Bela Pure, White, Within, Intelligent Hindu
Bemun None Hindu
Benjo None Hindu
Benny Abbreviation of benjamin and benedict Hindu
Benu None Hindu
Bhaanish Visionary, Having the faculty of seeing Hindu
Bhaanu Sun Hindu
Bhaavan Creator, Solicitous,Charming,Brilliant Hindu
Bhabesh None Hindu
Bhabin None Hindu
Bhadra Blessed, prosperous, fortunate Hindu
Bhadra Blessed, prosperous, fortunate Hindu
Bhadrak Handsome Hindu
Bhadran Auspicious,FortunateMan Hindu
Bhadrinath Lord of mount Badri Hindu
Bhadrisha TBD Hindu
Bhagabat Gentle Hindu
Bhagan Happy Hindu
Bhagat Devotee Hindu
Bhagath Devotee Hindu
Bhagawat Fortunate Holy Book of Hindus Hindu
Bhageerath The one who brought Gangatoearth, Withgloriouschariot Hindu
Bhagwant Fortunate Hindu
Bhagwati Lucky of the World Hindu
Bhagya Lucky Hindu
Bhairab None Hindu
Bhairat None Hindu
Bhairav One who vanquishes fear, LordShiva Hindu
Bhairava Destroys Fear Formidable Hindu
Bhairman TBD Hindu
Bhajan Prayer, Devotionalsong Hindu
Bhakt Devotee Hindu
Bhaktaraj None Hindu
Bhalchan TBD Hindu
Bhalchandra Mooncrested Lord Hindu
Bhalendra Lord oflight Hindu
Bhandari Name of Lord Shiva Hindu
Bhanu The Sun Hindu
Bhaskar The Sun Hindu
Bhavjeet None Hindu
Bhavya Grand,Splendid,Virtuous, Composed, Another name for Goddess Paarvati Hindu
Bhavyam Forever Hindu
Bhawan None Hindu
Bhawesh It supposedly originates from the Sanskrit words bhāva, which means "existence", and eesh, which means "Ishvara" ईश्वर "Lord, Ruler". It means "Lord Shiva" as well. Hindu
Bheem Fearful Hindu
Bheema Huge and gigantic, The mighty one Hindu
Bheemabala One of the kauravas Hindu
Bhim Powerful Hindu
Bhima The Mighty One Hindu
Bhimsen Sons ofbraveMan Hindu
Bhimsen As per Mahabharata, Bhimsen was the strongest of the five Pandavas; Strong, Brave Hindu
Bhimshankar LordShiva Hindu
Bhirav One of the forms ofShiva Hindu
Bhisham Strong Hindu
Bhishama A Character of Mahabharata Hindu
Bhishan None Hindu
Bhishma One who has taken a terrible vow,Sonof Santanu byGangain Mahabharat Hindu
Bhojraj Bhojraj name meaning is An Ancient King Hindu
Bhooshan Decoration Hindu
Bhramdev The Creator Hindu
Bhriju None Hindu
Bhuban None Hindu
Bhudev Lord of theearth Hindu
Bhudeva Lord of theearth Hindu
Bhukhand A Piece of Earth Hindu
Bhuman Earth Hindu
Bhumanyu One who is Accepted by All Hindu
Bhumeshwar God of the Earth Hindu
Bhumi Earth, Base Hindu
Bhumihang None Hindu
Bhumik Land Lord,Earth Hindu
Bhumin Earth Hindu
Bhumiputra Son of the Earth Hindu
Bhumisen Name of a Sage Hindu
Bhumit Friendof land Hindu
Bhuneshwar Lord of the World Lord Shiva Hindu
Bhup Kind Hindu
Bhupad Firm Hindu
Bhupal Prince Hindu
Bhupan King Hindu
Bhupat Lord of theearth Hindu
Bhupathi Lord of theearth, Theheroof stunts Hindu
Bhupati Lord ofearth,King, Lord of the gods Hindu
Bhupeesh Derived from Bhoop Hindu
Bhupen King Hindu
Bhupendra A King who Rules All over Earth; King of Kings Hindu
Bhupesh King,Kingofearth Hindu
Bhuranyu Worshipped by the World, Fast Hindu
Bhuratna Jewel of the Earth Hindu
Bhushan Ornament Hindu
Bhushana God Shankar, LordShiva Hindu
Bhushank Owner of Land Hindu
Bhutaksh Shadow of Earth Hindu
Bhuvan Palace,one of the three worlds Hindu
Bhuvanjeet Winner of Earth Hindu
Bhuvanpati God of the gods Hindu
Bhuwan World or Universe Hindu
Bibash None Hindu
Bibek Conscience Hindu
Bibesh None Hindu
Bibhas A raga Hindu
Bibhor None Hindu
Bibhush None Hindu
Bibhushan The highest prize of the achievement Hindu
Bibidh Miscellaneous Hindu
Bidhan None Hindu
Bidur None Hindu
Bidwan Scholar Hindu
Bigyan None Hindu
Bijantha TBD Hindu
Bijay None Hindu
Bijaya None Hindu
Biju None Hindu
Bijya None Hindu
Bikal None Hindu
Bikalpa None Hindu
Bikas Development, Prosper Hindu
Bikash None Hindu
Bikesh None Hindu
Bikishan None Hindu
Bikki None Hindu
Bikram Prowess Hindu
Bikrant None Hindu
Bikson None Hindu
Bilochan None Hindu
Bimal Pure Hindu
Bimoshan None Hindu
Binam One who is always polite Hindu
Binay Blessings; Good manner Hindu
Binaya None Hindu
Binayak None Hindu
Binit None Hindu
Binod Jolly; Cheerful Hindu
Binusha None Hindu
Bipan None Hindu
Bipash None Hindu
Bipen None Hindu
Bipin Forest Hindu
Biplap None Hindu
Biplov None Hindu
Bipra A priest Hindu
Bipshan None Hindu
Bipul Plenty, Abundance; Powerful Hindu
Biraj To have a Presence; To Know One's Self Hindu
Birat Great Hindu
Birbal Braveheart Hindu
Biren Lord of Warriors Hindu
Birendar Lord of Warriors A Great Warrior Hindu
Birendra King of Warriors Hindu
Biresh None Hindu
Birju Nice singer Hindu
Birshika None Hindu
Biru Courage Bravery Hindu
Birudha None Hindu
Bisaj Lotus Hindu
Bisesh None Hindu
Bishal Lord of Gods Hindu
Bisham None Hindu
Bishambhar Winner of the World Hindu
Bishan None Hindu
Bishes None Hindu
Bishesh None Hindu
Bisheshwer TBD Hindu
Bishnu Lord Vishnu, The Protector, An Important Hindu God Hindu
Bishnudev None Hindu
Bishow World, Universe Hindu
Bishowjit None Hindu
Bishrit None Hindu
Bishu None Hindu
Bishvjit Winner of the Universe World Hindu
Bishwa Earth,Universe Hindu
Bishwadip None Hindu
Bishwaji One who Won the World Hindu
Bishwambhar The supreme spirit Hindu
Bishwanath Lord of the World Hindu
Bishwant Lord of the World Hindu
Bishwaraj Ruler of the world Hindu
Bishwas None Hindu
Bishweshwar Lord of theuniverse Hindu
Bisu Bright Star Hindu
Biswa Earth,Universe Hindu
Biswajit World Chimpion Hindu
Biswas Faith Hindu
Bitrash None Hindu
Bittu Lovely baby Hindu
Bitu A Sweet Name Hindu
Bivhan Son of evan or son of John Hindu
Biwas None Hindu
Boby Bright Fame Hindu
Bodh Awakening, Perception Hindu
Bodhan Kindling Hindu
Bodish Buddhastree Hindu
Boni Charming Pleasant Sweet Hindu
Brahma Creator of the universe Hindu
Brahmabratha Ascetic Hindu
Brahmaji Creator of the Universe, Growth Hindu
Brahmana A Devout Man, A Priest Hindu
Brahmanand SupremeJoy Hindu
Brahmani An Avatar of Durga Son of Goddess Brahmani Hindu
Brahmdev Gods exalted Angel Hindu
Brahmesh Derived from Lord Brahma Hindu
Brahmjot One in Union with God Hindu
Brajendra Lord of Braj land Hindu
Brajnath Variant of Vrajnath, Lord of Braj Hindu
Bramha Creatorof the universe Hindu
Bramhanand Happiness for knowledge Hindu
Bramhi Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Branesh Lord of life Hindu
Brant Sword, Burn Hindu
Bratindra devoted to right deeds Hindu
Brent Hill top Hindu
Brihat Compact, Massive, Widespread,Great, Large, Mighty,Powerful,Bright, Clear, Name of Vishnu Hindu
Brij Lord Krishna Hindu
Brijesh God of the land of Brij Hindu
Brijeshwar Lord Krishna Hindu
Brisham One with a deep inner desire Hindu
Briyan Noble Man Hindu
Buddha Awakened, Lord Buddha Hindu
Buddhadev Wise person Hindu
Buddhadeva Gautama Buddha Hindu
Buddhanand One who Enjoys Knowledge Hindu
Buddhdev Lord of the Wise Hindu
Buddhi Wisdom Hindu
Buddhinath God ofwisdom Hindu
Budh To Know Hindu
Bunty None Hindu
Bupendra King of Earth Hindu